Case Study - The IoT platform for self-driving shuttles on water

A reduction in traffic from for example transportation of goods, garbage collection, delivery services, etc. would open up the city and lead to major environmental gains.

Avant Marine


Sustainable and effective infrastructure is a constant challenge for the world’s cities.

Traffic on the road are getting crowded nowadays. In big city like Paris, for a transport on the existing infrastructure, the average time is round 38% in traffic jam. An increase of 2% since 2015. During peak hours, travel time may be extended by up to 60%. And transportation also brings emission issues for many countries.

That's why transportation on water will become competitive with modern technology.

We got some startup funding from Swedish government, and finilized phase 1 with a successful prototype together with our partner Technity. For upcoming phases, we are aiming for a bigger amount of investment from Swedish government or EU. And meanwhile, we are looking for more partners, investors and potential clients to join this party with us for a joint venture project.


  • IoT
  • AI / Machine Learning
  • Autonomous Driving
  • Mobile Apps

It is exciting to see this project grow together with Orientalent! I have no doubt that Orientalent team will play a significant role and contribute with their profesonal knwoledge to this project.

Mats Bjurefalk
Project Owner

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