Case Study - Enjoy managing resumes

A modern minimalist CV system for business users. We built the SaaS system to enable users managing resumes in a productive way.



HappyCV is a SaaS system targeting for business users, e.g. consultant managers, HR or recruiters.

The system will significantly reduce the communication time and managing time for the users. It is a perfect replacement for existing CV templates in Word or PDF.

We have tested and used it internally at Orientalent for more than one year, and it has saved lots of headaches and time for us already, therefore, we feel it is really worthy to extract a standalone product and share it with other companies to benefit more people. It is our internal home brewed startup product.


  • SaaS
  • React.js
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Firebase
  • Cloud Functions
  • Web Apps

We encourage each developer at Orientalent to come up with innovative ideas, and we will help to validate the idea and make it come true! And we have investors with us who are keen to identify promising projects, with the intention of providing financial support to accelerate the project.

CTO at Orientalent

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