We are a group of technical consultants, mainly working with software development. We have passion on technologies such as Java, C/C++, Go, Kubernetes, Cloud, DevOps, Embedded, etc.

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As with most consulting firms, our consultants will work onsite closely with our clients. They are mostly senior level developers with extensive experience who can contribute from day one.


Additionally, we do in-house customized development for our clients. Thanks for the trust of our clients and we are committed to delivering the projects with the best practices and user experience, while also adding more value beyond that.


We are having external partners collaborating with us to build joint ventures. Meanwhile, our engineers are also encouraged to build innovative projects and we are happy to support them in any way we can.




When it comes to web development, we are able to handle both frontend and backend development, as well as mobile apps. And our clients are usually very satisfied with our delivery.

Keywords: Spring Boot, Ruby on Rails, Django, React.js, Vue.js, etc.

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We help our clients build the next generation of vechicle infotainment systems, and develop market leading in-car apps within the Android ecosystem.

Keywords: embedded, Android, Java, C/C++, Infotainment, cloud, IoT, Automotive.


We contribute to the world's leading telecom company by creating 5G products, shaping communication in the future with the best engineers in the world.

Keywords: Telecom, C/C++, communication protocol, Linux, Embedded.

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Nowadays, many companies choose to build their own software infrastructure. This domain has a broad scope including toolchains, CI/CD systems, scripts, monitoring systems, logging systems, etc.

Keywords: CI/CD, DevOps, Cloud, PaaS, Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, Git, Shell, Scripting.



We aim to serve as the technical and business nexus between Sweden and Asian countries, such as China, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc. We build strong connections and reliable channels to constantly improve our business and add values to our clients. As a team of international talents, we embrace challenges, are agile and flexible, and quickly adapt to changing environments.

Maintaining industry fresh skills, challenging ourselves constantly, and encouraging creative and innovative ideas is our culture.

The core team behind Orientalent are from the big names such as Ericsson, Volvo, Oracle, Tencent, Alibaba, etc. Together, we build a reliable company with vision to deliver the best talents and high quality solutions.



Östra Hamngatan 16, 411 09 Göteborg

072-522 79 11

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